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Over the past 30 years, Austin Interfaith lay leaders, union members, pastors, principals, parents, and organizers have used the skills of community organizing to develop leadership, identify issues, reweave relationships, and build the capacity within their institutions to effectively act on issues which affect families.  

Your contribution will be used to support the development of community leadership across Central Texas and to promote the agenda of issues determined by its members.

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Austin Interfaith Sponsoring Committee (AISC) teaches institutions how to understand and develop power, learn to speak with power, and helps members do the research needed to better understand the issues our families face.  Donations to AISC (the independent education and training nonprofit that coordinates with Austin Interfaith) are tax deductible.  If you would like your investment to be tax-deductible click on the link above.

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Austin Interfaith, Inc. can do all that Austin Interfaith Sponsoring Committee can, PLUS lobby for specific action on issues.  However, contributions to Austin Interfaith, Inc. as a 501(c)4 non-profit organization are not tax-deductible.  There are two ways to support the targeted advocacy work of Austin Interfaith, Inc.

Both Austin Interfaith Sponsoring Committee (AISC) and Austin Interfaith, Inc. are strictly nonpartisan and never endorse candidates.