Get Out the Vote 2015

Austin Interfaith is gearing up for a systemic campaign to increase our voting power base in Central Texas.  

In 2014, Austin Interfaith increased voter turnout by as much as 33% in targeted precincts (compared to 11.7% overall in Travis).  In the last 10 days of the election alone, 84 leaders knocked on doors and called thousands of voters - not including the impact we had within our institutions through announcements, phone calls, voter education and rides to the polls. 

Additionally, Austin Community College Bond Propositions 1 & 2 passed with up to 74% YES margins of support in our precincts.   

We hope to expand this impact in 2015.  

Contact your organizer today to learn more about the Get Out The Vote work in your institution's district and in your neighborhood.   


City Level Districts 

The City of Austin is divided into 10 districts, each with the power to elect its own representative to Council.  If you do not know your district, click on the button below to find out: 


You Are Registered, Right?

However, it is not enough to know your district -- you have got to be registered in your district in order to vote for a representative from your district.  Click below to confirm with the Texas Secretary of State that you are registered at the correct address.  And while you're at it -- check to see what precinct you'll be voting in:


Where Do I Vote?

[This link will be updated in 2015]


What Is On The Ballot?

To make sure you are completely prepared for what you will be asked to vote on click below to get your personalized ballot, based on where you live and skip to the section that says "Voter Lookup." [This link will also be updated in 2015]