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Oak Creek Village Renters Preserve 173 Affordable Housing Units

When Koreena Malone first heard that a developer was planning to raze her affordable housing complex (Oak Creek Village) and replace it with high-end condos, she knew she would have to apply ideas she had heard about in her years with Capital IDEA.  She started organizing — talking to her fellow renters, and reaching out to other interested community partners.  Her child's principal, Lisa Robertson of Travis Heights Elementary School, was a supportive influence; her school stood to lose hundreds of children if the project were to go through and she, too initiated conversations with parents connected to the school.  Malone soon formed a tenants association and, in partnership with Travis Heights Elementary School and other institutions of Austin Interfaith, began negotiating with the developers of the proposed project.  Her efforts met with success; on June 27th, Malone proudly announced that her association had negotiated an agreement in which the devleoper could expand the number of housing units, while preserving the 173 affordable units for families that had rented from Oak Creek Village for years.        


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August 24, 2013

Austin Interfaith Backs Low Cost Housing & Code Enforcement

"Interviews with current and former public officials, real estate experts and citizen activists suggest that Austin has simply lacked the political will to do things differently. “We have very laudable standards on the environment and are willing to go to bat, even to war on those issues,” said Kurt Cadena-Mitchell, a leader with Austin Interfaith, which supports some form of rental registration. “To go to war for the poor, that type of will is not embedded here….”

Why 'Progressive' Austin Failed to Address Substandard Rental HousingAustin American Statesman

Churches Forgo the Hammer on HousingUSA Today

June 28, 2013

Austin Interfaith Preserves 173 Affordable Housing Units

…Koreena Malone, president of the Oak Creek Tenants Association, said a cohesive agreement was reached on the redevelopment through the partnership of the Bouldin Creek Neighborhood Association, the tenants association and the developer.  ’I strongly believe that the redevelopment of Oak Creek Village won’t just lead us to a better community but a model for the city of Austin,’ Malone said.

The Oak Creek Village complex, located at 2324 Wilson St., has 173 units that qualify as affordable housing. According to city documents, the developer is planning to keep all of the affordable housing units in the complex and build up to 313 new market-rate units…The developer also entered into an agreement … to provide on-site, affordable housing for 35 years. Said Kurt Cadena-Mitchell, an Austin resident and leader of Austin Interfaith,… ‘It will lead to a more livable neighborhood and will lead to a more livable Austin.’”

Oak Creek Village Strikes a Deal, Austin Chronicle

Oak Creek Village Redevelopment Approved by Austin City CouncilCommunity Impact

Exiled From Main Street, Austin Chronicle

May 15, 2013

Austin Leaders Kill Zoning Entitlement

“The Austin City Council did away with the CURE zoning process at its last meeting, but the zoning entitlement program didn’t go quietly. The public hearing before the Council’s vote was characterized by a heated exchange between Mayor Lee Leffingwell and Interfaith Austin‘s Kurt Cadena-Mitchell.

The back-and-forth began when Cadena-Mitchell brought up a city of Austin estimate that if all of the CURE zoning cases had been handled through the Downtown Density Bonus Program, the city could have raised about $20 million more for affordable housing.”

CURE Zoning is Dead, Long Live the DDDPAustin Business Journal

May 13, 2013

Austin Interfaith Defends Affordable Housing Construction

“If Oak Creek doesn’t remain affordable housing, [Landin] will have to move in with her mother in Bastrop. Principal Robertson says continuity is key for low-income families.

‘Constant change is not a friend for Title One families,’ Robertson says. ‘Nor is it for students to jump from school to school. That upheaval — some of our most successful families will be thrown into I don’t know what kind of abyss.’

Members of the Travis Heights community are also concerned the school will lose its diverse student population. Minerva Skeith is a Travis Heights parent and member of the local community group, Austin Interfaith.”

For One Austin School, Funding Hangs on Affordable HousingKUT News

Presentation and Exchange at City HallCity of Austin

January 13, 2013

Austin Leaders Persist in Push for Affordable Housing

“Austin leaders think they can champion the push for affordable housing once again. Three members of Austin City Council are sponsoring a resolution that calls upon the city manager to explore ways of returning the issue to the ballot….’For our folks who are living on the street, there is not a pathway for them to get into any kind of home,’ clergy John Elford said….”

City Leaders Hope to Reintroduce Affordable Housing,YNN

‘Affordable Housing’ May Be on Austin Ballot Again,Fox News